...Sound Familiar?

Garmentier was built by stylists who have experienced the same frustrating barriers to
running a successful personal shopping business. We're here to remove those obstacles
so you can grow.

The Right Tools
Having the right tools means less administrative work, an
easier process, a more lucrative career, and the time back
in your day to be doing what you love.

Platform Personalization

Your styling business is unique. Garmentier enables you to
personalize the look, feel and functions of the platform to
reflect the business you've worked hard to build.

Customize client profile layouts, product offerings, reporting
tools, and much more to create your own
technology-forward experience.

Custom Clothing

Garmentier is the only personal stylist platform
that offers the capability to make
high-quality custom clothing in a
simplified, fun way.

Build your brand and add value to your
clientele by offering beautiful pieces,
specifically designed by you.


Technology continues to make leaps and bounds - we hope to use
it to connect and unite the styling industry.

There are so many incredible professionals making an impact, but
a fragmented community makes it difficult to learn it from each other.
Garmentier's network of top stylists and shoppers creates a
collaborative, supportive and exciting idea-sharing community
unlike any other.